The IowaStater 11
IngeniOz Vodka | Triple Sec | Chambord
Bella Limoncello | Sweet and Sour

Wildflower 11
River Rose Gin | St. Germain
Simple Syrup | Lemon Juice | Peaflower Tea

Iowa Manhattan 11
Cedar Ridge Bourbon | Amaro Liqueur
Peychaud’s Bitters | Dark Cherries & Juice

Blood Orange Cosmo 11
River Pilot Vodka | Blood Orange Puree| Triple Sec
Cranberry Juice | Lime Juice

Lemon Drop 11
River Pilot Vodka| Bella Limoncello
Triple Sec |Sweet and Sour


Signature Cocktails

Cyclone Buck 9
Cody Road Rye, fresh strawberry, lemon, simple syrup, angostura bitters, ginger beer

Cucumber Mint Mule 9
Foundry Vodka, fresh cucumber, mint, simple syrup, ginger beer

Lake Laverne 9
Paradise Island Bay Rum | Simple Syrup | Midori | Sprite | Orange Juice

Cy Tai 9
Foundry Rum, Cointreau, Dark Rum, orgeat syrup, pineapple juice, lime juice, cherry juice

Summerfields Splash 9
River Rose Gin, Bella Limoncello, simple syrup, blueberries, lemon, sprite

Tassel Ridge Sangria 9
Fresh berries, Tassel Ridge Red White & Blue, Cedar Ridge Brandy, simple syrup

Lava Lamp 8
IngeniOz Vodka, sparkling wine, cranberry juice


Red Wines

(Glass | Bottle)

Cabernet, Chop Shop, California 
9 | 36

Tinto, Don Ramon, Spain
8 | 32

Marquette, The Cellar, Iowa
10 | 40

Pinot Noir, Kate Arnold, Oregon
12 | 48

Zinfandel, Big Smooth, California
10 | 40

Red White & Blue, Tassel Ridge, Iowa
8 | 32



Budweiser | Bud Light | Coors Light Michelob Ultra | Miller Light | Buckler N/A

Wilson’s Orchard Ciders | Blue Moon  Corona | Fat Tire Amber Ale     Guinness | Heineken | Samuel Adams Shiner Bock | Exile Ruthie| Back Pocket Slingshot

Iowa Craft Beer on Tap
Please ask about our current selections on tap!


White Wines

(Glass | Bottle)

Chardonnay, Pacificana, California
8 | 32

Prosecco, Zonin, Italy


La Crescent, The Cellar, Iowa
8 | 32

St. Croix Rose, Tassel Ridge, Iowa
8 | 32

Pinot Grigio, Oynos, Italy
9 | 36

Sauvignon Blanc, Kate Arnold, California
9 | 36

Prelude Muscat, Tassel Ridge, Iowa
10 | 40


Iowa Spirits

Mississippi River Distilling Company
Le Claire, Iowa
Cody Road Bourbon Whiskey
Cody Road Rye Whiskey
River Pilot Vodka
River Rose Gin
Iowish Cream Liqueur

Dehner Distillery 
Clive, Iowa
Havannah Judge Cinnamon Rum
Havannah Judge Spiced Rum

Iowa Distilling Company
Cumming, Iowa
Ingenioz Vodka

Broadbent Distillery
Norwalk, Iowa
Bella Limoncello

Cedar Ridge Distillery
Swisher, Iowa
Apple Brandy
Grape Brandy
Iowa Bourbon Whiskey
Clearhart Rum

Templeton Rye Spirits, LLC
Templeton, Iowa
Small Batch Rye Whiskey