Bryan Myers

Great staff, great food. Sirloin sliders are at the top of my favorite foods list. :D Now I am full!

Susanna Wendler

I thoroughly enjoyed the food and new design work of the Iowa Stater Restaurant. My choice and favorite food of the day was the smoked pork tacos-fantastic.

Judy Mersman

We recently held a Client Appreciation Event there and it was AWESOME. Everyone that attended thought the food was great and the ambiance was wonderful. We had a full house that night and lots of happy clients! Pork tacos and onion rings were among the favorites. The wait staff was remarkable as well. This restaurant is a welcome addition to Ames.

Erika Gragg

The food was fantastic!! I had the chicken and rice dish yesterday. I’m having it again tonight. :)

Cassandra Kindred

I’ve worked in the restaurant business for 5 years so I find myself to be a tough critic, but GREAT restaurant! Attentive staff that isn’t overbearing and is completely friendly. Laid back atmosphere with comfortable furniture. Fresh, crisp, tasteful food at an unbelievable price for both quality and quantity. I love that you can substitute a salad for chips or fries for NO additional cost. Taking Mom her for her birthday next week. (She’s vegetarian, there are plenty of options for both veggies and carnivores!) Also going Thursday for the Prime Rib Special. So happy to have finally found my boyfriend and I’s new “spot”. :) BBQ Pork Tacos are a must.

Cyndie Heintz

Wow! We had a fantastic Prime Rib Dinner so reasonably priced and the best evening. It was wonderful to be able to leisurely sit and eat and visit. Our waitress was Carmel and she was available whenever we wanted her but not over bearing. The food was very flavorful and so filling we didn’t get dessert so we MUST go again and split a meal so we can do desserts. They look GREAT! I think it will be a new favorite SPOT for me also.


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